Arrozúa mainly produces and markets rice of the Indica subspecies, represented by the Puntal variety.


Arrozúa produces and markets mainly rice of the Indica subspecies, represented by the Puntal variety, also called long grain; and the Japonica subspecies, a round grain variety, among which Marisma and J. Sendra stand out.

Pilot studies are also carried out to experiment with other varieties of non-native rice. We believe in innovation, which is why we do not stop trying to find new varieties capable of satisfying the taste of any consumer and the needs of an increasingly demanding market.



It is the most cultivated rice in the Marshes of the Guadalquivir. Although, it is very common to see it in typical recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, used both as a main food or as a side dish. Its culinary versatility and exquisite flavor make the Puntal variety rice the favorite of very demanding palates.

It is a type of long-grain rice with a low amylose content (between 23% and 24%) and is characterized by its high number of grains per panicle.

Its cooking is hard, which gives it greater resistance to overcooking and makes it always loose. Puntal variety rice is easy to cook and gives excellent results in both hot and cold dishes such as salads or dressings.



For its part, the Marisma variety rice stands out for the large size of its round grain. In addition, it provides very good results in the kitchen, being a special rice for paellas.

It is always a success thanks to its great capacity for absorbing liquids. This causes it to quickly absorb the flavors of the food or condiments that accompany it. It gives rise to tasty dishes.

As for its cooking, it requires less time than other rice dishes and you have to be careful to prevent it from sticking. It is also widely used in the traditional Arroz con Leche dessert.



This variety of rice has a high capacity to absorb aromas and flavors. It is not very resistant to overcooking, being able to pass the point easily. However, it gives recipes a creamy texture. Widely used in stews, stews and other dishes of Spanish cuisine.