Quality and environment - Arrozúa

Quality and environment: company policy

ARROZÚA SCA cooperative specialized in the production, packaging and distribution of rice, aware of the importance of respecting the Environment in the development of its activity and the guarantee of providing safe food to its customers, has established in its organization an Integral System of Management of Environmental Quality and Food Safety.


Based on this decision, we commit ourselves to:

    • Comply with CURRENT LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS, with special attention to applicable environmental legislation and any other requirement that the organization subscribes to related to its environmental aspects.
    • Reduce the impacts on the environment generated by our activity, considering the prevention of pollution and the protection and improvement of the environment as one of our main responsibilities.
    • Comply with the obligation to manufacture safe, legal and authentic products according to the specified quality, as well as assume its responsibility towards customers.
    • Conduct a review and continuous improvement process.
    • Train and sensitize employees and partners in matters of the Environment and Food Safety.
    • Raise awareness and hold each employee who has a direct impact on the product, packaging, preparation, storage or transportation of products, through the supply chain, responsible for food safety.
    • Promote shared values, beliefs and norms that affect the mentality and behavior towards food safety, through and throughout the organization, defined and developed, through a Food Safety Culture Plan based on the following pillars:
      • Communication about food safety policies and responsibilities.
      • Training.
      • Employee feedback on issues related to food safety.
      • Performance measurement.

The company policy is defined and promoted by the General Management, which assumes the commitments to develop and implement it, to update it periodically, and to demand and monitor its compliance, based on principles of environmental responsibility and ethical management.

This Policy is the framework for establishing and reviewing the objectives and goals of Arrozúa.

Quality and environment - Arrozúa


The commitment acquired with Environmental Sustainability and Food Quality is manifested in the commitment to Integrated Production. In this way, the maximum use of natural resources is ensured in a productive and respectful way with the ecosystem.

The Integrated Production system subjects both our industry and its farming partners to a certification process through inspections and audits carried out by accredited independent entities.

Demand and control, security guarantee

Obtaining the best quality Spanish rice brands requires a production method based on three basic principles of action:

  • The requirement and regularity of the controls.
  • The use of biological control techniques that guarantee maximum safety.
  • The optimization of the product obtained in the natural environment.

Since the sowing of the product begins, continuous monitoring is carried out by specialized technicians, carrying out multiple periodic controls both in the field and in the processing facilities, with the aim that everything is always under control and guaranteeing a correct product traceability.

Among some of the different actions carried out to comply with this regulation, we find; with monitoring of pests and diseases that allow projecting an adequate use of phytosanitary agents, execution of periodic analyzes verifying that the permitted values ​​are complied with regarding residues and contaminants, as well as the registration of all cultivation operations carried out by farmers in a “farm notebook”.

Quality and environment - Arrozúa



Arrozúa has Environmental Quality and Food Safety certificates in various standards and regulations, such as: Andalusian Integrated Production, ISO 14001, BRC and IFS.

Quality and environment - Arrozúa
Quality and environment - Arrozúa
Quality and environment - Arrozúa
Quality and environment - Arrozúa